5 Best Jewelry Designs in the World That Will Make You Swoon

5 Best Jewelry Designs in the World That Will Make You Swoon

Jewelry adds that extra touch to make you look more radiant and stand out in the crowd. Over time, jewelers have showcased excellent craftsmanship embellishing people in an exquisite manner. These unique designs have fascinated audiences for decades and will continue wooing till eternity.

Everyone has that longing for an exceptional trinket that enhances their personality and makes them stand out from the rest. Copious amount of designs awaits you to compliment your look. Here are five designs from recently debuted jewelers who have been able to make a mark in the world of jewelry and who promise to enthrall more with their upcoming designs.

Buzios Charm Necklace:

The Parisian, Alizée Guinochet’s Buzios charm necklace has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The necklace has that stately simplicity sure to woo the eyes. Gold embossed with diamonds, it appears to be the perfect embodiment of the subtle amalgamation of the most precious metal and most beloved stone in the world. The collection can be found at Hod, Montaigne Market, and Mad Lords.

Anne Manns Earrings:

Anne Manns Hazel and Ivy anomalous earrings are sure to attract those who are willing to deviate from the conventional. These gold earrings come in asymmetrical mismatched shape and can be trusted to make an eternal impression on the buyers.

Infinity Pearl:

The American Nataf Joaillerie came up with the pearl earring named Infinity. The pearl would be stuck behind your ear and give you a celestial look both from the back to the front. The queue of tiny shining diamonds to hold the pearl in place adds to its look. This is the best-selling earring right now in Dover Street market, L.A.

ACB Earring:

The ACB earring by American designer Annie Costello Brown sure is an exemplar of artistry. The rectangular shapes dangling from one another shall make your ears go shimmying. These are slide-in earrings and keep things on par with the “graphic minimalist trend” as found in the Proenza Schouler and Loewe Spring/Summer 2017 shows.

The Burger Ring:

The Burger Ring by American-Lebanese designer Nadine Ghosn is sure to entice those who are into Burgers. This jewelry is a replica of an actual burger, except that it is made of small rings and bases of gold (for the burgers) stuck together studded with diamonds. The diamonds are colored to give that lettuce and onion effect and one of the rings is wavy to give the cheese effect. She has opened her pop up store at Bon Marché and Bergdorf Goodman.

These are the top 5 designs that were able to stand out amidst those myriads of designs. You might have your own list of great designs, but that’s the beauty of jewelry, there’s never any less of it to blow you off your feet with their innate beauty. Go gift yourself with a great piece of jewelry, you deserve to look the best.

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