Formal suit tips for summers

Formal Suit Tips for Summers

Summertime is one of the hardest times of the year to wear a suit. Yet the reality is, you still have to make money and make a strong impression, any time of the year. How can you make that killer impression you want to make, without burning up inside in the summer months? In the article, I’ve included tips that will help you carry that aesthetic look without boiling inside.

Tips for Comfort

If possible, avoid wearing black suits or dark blue suits. Instead opt for grey suits, or for social occasions an almost-white suit. Dark colors absorb sunlight more and pull in more heat than lighter colors, which makes them that much more uncomfortable in summer.

Consider purchasing a summer suit. A summer suit is made of silk, linen, wool or other types of materials that promote more airflow and release more heat. If you’re going to be going to formal events regularly during the summer, having a great summer suit can make a huge difference.

Should You Buy a Summer Suit?

The biggest question you need to ask yourself is: Will you sweat?

If you’re going to be mildly uncomfortable in a regular suit but it’s unnoticeable, then you could very well get by without buying a summer suit. On the other hand, if you’re going to be sweating, which makes you look very unprofessional, then you should probably go ahead and get that summer suit.

Look at yourself in the mirror after wearing your suit for an hour or two. How do you look? Do you look sharp and professional? Or do you look sweaty and disheveled? Use this “two-hour-mirror” image to determine whether or not to purchase a summer suit.

What to Look for in a Suit for Summer

Whether you’re looking for a summer specific suit or a regular suit you can wear in summer, here are a few of the most important things you should look for.

First, you want the suit to allow air. You don’t want a suit that feels stuffy or hot, especially when you’re just trying it on in the changing room.

You want your suit to fit perfectly. It should hug your body and you should look sharp and professional. You can absolutely buy a suit that hugs your body without feeling like it’s trapping all the heat and air inside.

Look in the mirror and see if the suit gives off the impression you want. If you’re going to be wearing a suit in summer, you really want that suit to say something about you. People are going to pay attention to the fact that you’re wearing a suit. So make your suit really count.

Wearing a summer suit isn’t something you do out of rote or routine. Instead, it’s something you do out of choice – Something that draws people’s attention. Make sure you pay attention to both your own personal comfort and how you look. Though you can sacrifice some comfort for a great look, if you end up sweating through your clothes you’ll end up ruining both. Wearing a suit in summer is tougher than the rest of the year, but it gives you an incredible opportunity to make an impression.

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