Most Popular Fashion Brands That Rocked 2017

2017 was quite the fashionable year and was dominated by seaside stripes, the khaki print trousers, and jackets, single shoulder cutouts, flash dance shoulders, sleeve slits, shirt dresses, sneakers etc. YouTube went berserk with all the clothing haul videos enlightening us on which brands ran the show this year.

According to a recent poll, Balenciaga replaced Gucci as the hottest and most searched brand of 2017. Balenciaga with Triple S sneaker collection reined the market, it brought the old big chunky shoe trend back and people are feeling it. Balenciaga was also in talks for the broad shoulder collection, boxy fits, cropped torsos, oversized outerwear and also a penchant for logos designed to pop up on your Instagram feed.

The second brand that created a lot of hype this year is the timeless brand Gucci. Even though it lost its numero uno spot to Balenciago, the hit fashion shows lining up with its nonstop collaborations with major artists like Rihanna Gucci might sprint right back to its crown next year. Gucci also made international news this year by announcing they won’t be using fur in its collection effective 2017.

Nike and Virgil Abloh collaborated to present to us the most hyped sneakers of the year ‘Ten Icon Reconstructed’, blowing the internet literally with its release. Nike was in the conversation this whole year for its mind-blowing sneaker collection like the insanely popular Vapor max, which reintroduced retro models like the air max 97. Nike also gained brownie points by becoming the official outfitter for the NBA. Nike worked with labels like Kith and Comme des Garcons and launched an impressive line of collaborations with Don C, Travis Scott, John Elliot etc.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton, another iconic brand, a constant favorite of every generation. Louis Vuitton and the brand Supreme collaborated and produced the game-changing collection which procured a GDP of more than a small city. eBay says the original Supreme and Louis Vuitton collection could be worth $30000, this collection propelled both the brands to number two and number three spot.

Other than Supreme’s much-anticipated collection with Luis Vuitton, Supreme also collaborated with other major brands like Nike, The North Face, Timberland, Levis etc. to beget much talked about collections. Supreme had a large hand in bringing streetwear into the mainstream, its approach to its streetwear collection is defiant rebellion mixed with a little hip-hop superiority with a splash of interpretive art.

Raf Simons
Raf Simons is a legendary designer, he dominated the New York fashion week with some of the most iconic pieces he created in menswear collection. Simons blurs the line between high street fashion and luxury fashion, his designs, particularly vintage and archival pieces, are valued in a way not many other designers’ works are.

2017 was the year of Adidas with a million collaborations with big names like Palace, Reigning Champ, White Mountaineering, Alexander Wang, Kanye West etc. This year Adidas with its prolific sneaker collection releases replaced Air Jordan to become the second largest sneaker brand in America.

So, these were some of the brands that called the shots this year and they show no sign of slowing down. With them only growing in stature, have you added those brands to your cabinet yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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